10 ideas to improve your sleep

If you are a person suffering from sporadic attacks of insomnia, little changes at the time of lying down, would be all that you need to rest easily and in a satisfied way. Here, we are going to give you some tips of what you can do before sleep to avoid the insomnia problems.


1.     Take a hot bath before sleep: Experts usually recommend this tip to those who have sleeping problems. The hot water relaxes the muscles and will prepare you for a good night sleep. Adding oils or perfumed salts of different scents to the water of the bathtub can help to promote sleep.


2.     Establish a nightly routine: it isn’t only young children that can benefit from a nightly routine and can sleep when listening to a story. Try creating your own routine, add reading, soft music, a hot drink that helps you to calm down.


3.     Be aware of the area where you sleep: Use your room only for rest and sleep. It is not advisable to place work desk, or any article related to work in your room, because the mind will concentrate on the pending work, and you will not have a comfortable relaxed sleep.


4.     Keep silent: Try to eliminate undesirable noises in your room at night. If necessary, the use of earplugs and eye masks can be useful.


5.     Take off your pajamas: Contraire to what you think, sleeping without clothes is something beneficial for your body's health because it helps the body to relax, which lets you sleep the entire night.


6.     Use comfortable sheets: take care of yourself by buying good quality sheets and blankets that will make you feel comfortable and warm in cold nights, and cool and fresh in summer nights helping you sleep.


7.     Reduce your stress level: Learn to calm your breathing and try counting backwards to calm your mind of daily activities this will help you to sleep during the night.


8.     Exercise during the day: Preferably between 10 am. 3 pm to be able to tire the body. Ironically, exercising later would cause the body to get active ruining your sleep.


9.     Comply to the necessary sleep schedules: If you are an adult, it would be recommended to sleep between 7 to 9 hours a day, and for athletes, it would be between 8 to 10 hours a day (consider an athlete if you train more than 1 hour a day), because the body needs to recover energy to continue with the daily routine, the next day.


10. Drink tea or chamomile infusions: It is well known that these types of hot drinks, such as chamomile, cinnamon or herbal tea, have relaxing effects on the body, which can lead you to a deeper sleep.