5 tips to help motivate you to push harder in the gym.

XCD Nutrition fitness goals

1.Set small, short term goals.
Setting small achievable goals like an extra rep or an extra kg on a certain exercise keeps your progression moving.

2.Log your workouts and aim to beat them.
Record every aspect of your workout and aim to at-least beat one aspect of your training each day.

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3. Set long term realistic Goals
It can be easy to scroll through the ‘gram and feel inspired-yet-envious by images of the super fit. Yet basing your own goals off of what you see others achieving is neither productive nor practical.

Certain things that top athletes can do—run a marathon, do 100 push-ups, master the most challenging yoga poses—may be great for them, but it’s not metric that everyone should be measured by. In other words, your goal should be your goal—something that you personally are excited about and realistically able to achieve—not someone else’s.

4. Listen to motivating music or podcasts.
What ever gets you pumped, put that on right before gym time.

5. Have a V.I.pre or VaporXS.
They both pack a hard punch when it comes to workout energy and depending on your goals are easily suited to prepping your body for either muscle building (v.i.pre) or fat loss (vapor). 



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