A Combo of DHEA and ZMA: Choosing the right supplement for you

Athletes have been using DHEA for over 20 years now as a legal and safe way to guarantee the right levels of testosterone for efficient training. Now, research suggests that it can provide health benefits in all kinds of circumstances.

DHEA has been undergoing medical tests for use as a dietary supplement for nearly two decades now. Research results clearly show that, as part of a balanced diet and training program, DHEA can particularly help +30-year old to enable muscle growth, lose weight and remain healthy.

Results from Research Conducted on Over 40s

  • DHEA is a supplement which naturally encourages the body to produce more testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone involved with muscle growth, fat metabolism and sexual drive.
  • It is typically first produced at about the age of 7 in both girls and boys.
  • By the age of 24 it reaches its peak after which point it rapidly declines over the next decades.

In a recent study, 50 men and 50 women over the age of 40 were administered an appropriate dosage of DHEA for 3 months. After just two weeks, blood tests showed that testosterone levels were spiked back up to peak levels. For the first time, a supplement was able to invigorate +40-year old with the vitality needed to make physical gains. Both men and women reported increased energy levels and higher libidos.

DHEA can help boost a healthy immune system

Another study in the ‘Journal of Medical Virology’ also showed that DHEA can help fight off lethal viral infections. By improving the efficiency of immune systems, DHEA increases the production of antibodies which are essential for locating and eliminating viral infections before they become dangerous.

The benefits of ZMA

Research has also shown that using DHEA in conjunction ZMA has added health benefits. ZMA is a mineral supplement comprised of Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate and vitamin B6.

  • Zinc is essential for supporting a strong immune system as well as maintaining healthy muscles.
  • Magnesium influences metabolic rates, and healthy sleep patterns.
  • Vitamin B6 boosts energy levels by increasing the amount of oxygen that can reach the muscles.

By combining carefully managed dosages of DHEA and ZMA, those with healthy diets and regimented exercise regimes will be able to take their training to the next level.

I-Procreate PCT: (A combo of DHEA and ZMA)

I-Procreate PCT is a state of the art supplement which combines DHEA with ZMA. It is widely available in health stores and online. It seems to be the best product on the market by enabling a stable production of testosterone with the added mineral benefits of ZMA. I-Procreate PCT boasts being able to provide quality sleep while allowing users to train harder, get stronger and enjoy better sex. 



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