Benefits of using pre-workout supplements

Get More Energy to Workout
Having more energy during a workout is an obvious benefit. 

The key is to have the right combination of ingredients that put some “pep” in your step, while remaining safe to use every day.

Increase Workout Performance and Efficiency
Probably the biggest benefit (and the whole point) of pre-workout supplements is they improve your ability to train harder and more efficiently. Whether you are trying to lose weight or to build muscle mass, pre-workout supplements help you operate at peak efficiency by making sure that you are locked in, that you feel good, and that you have the energy, power, and stamina to dominate your workout.

Weight Loss and Metabolism
One of the more indirect effects of using pre-workout supplements is weight loss, as many of the ingredients (which we’ll get to below) stimulate metabolism. Caffeine, a key ingredient in most pre-workout supplements, is also a proven fat loss aid. When ingested, caffeine raises body thermogenesis and fat oxidation, boosts metabolism, and delays the onset of hunger. This indirect weight loss can be a benefit even if you are not trying to lose weight, as it keeps you lean and fit.

Recover Faster with Supplements
Even though they are taken before a work out, pre-workout supplements help you recover afterwards. Almost every gym-goer knows that working out until failure is the best way to get gains quickly; however, it’s also the best way to ensure that you’re sore for what feels like the rest of your life. Supplement ingredients like caffeine and creatine reduce muscle soreness and increase glucose and insulin levels after your workout, helping you feel better faster.

Improve Concentration and Focus at the Gym
The mental aspect is a huge piece of the workout pie, and making sure you stay locked in and focused is imperative to optimizing your results. Pre-workout supplements help prevent you from becoming mentally strained after working out. This is largely due to the caffeine portion of the supplement.

So, other than caffeine, what’s in V.I.Pre TRINITY?

It’s dosed to the max with the most powerful ingredients that will force your muscles into a state of growth. You will experience the nuclear intensity, the laser focus, insane pumps & high-powered repetitive energy pulsing through your veins like never before. 
Are you ready? 

We combined what we believe to be the two best pump inducing ingredients to cover all bases & maximize the debilitating painful pumps you love so much. Pumps don't only look awesome and feel awesome and get you all riled up to lift crazy amounts of iron in the gym. A pump is blood being forced into a working muscle, that blood carries oxygen, nutrients, water, hormones, amino acids, carbs, everything you need to get bigger & stronger.

Citrulline Malate is a pre cursor to Arginine & drives up nitric oxide levels & increases blood flow to the muscles.

Agmatine Sulfate is decarboxylated L-Arginine & leads to increased nitric oxide levels & increases blood flow to the muscles.


Creatine is the number 1 most studied supplement & the most proven. Basically put, it allows for rapid replenishment of your base energy (ATP) during high intensity bouts of activity. So instead of gassing out on that last 1 or 2 crucial reps you need for growth, you power through with creatine. HCL Creatine is 100 percent water soluble & doesn't require you to take as much as monohydrate.

This is the one that causes the "bites" all over, unpleasant for some but for those in the know, Beta Alanine is essential for buffering fatigue & increasing your repetitive power output over the course of the workout. Its been proven to inhibit the onset of lactic acid, so pushing beyond that burn is a massive plus in the pursuit of muscle gain.

With blood flow, repetitive power covered now it’s time to enhance the mind.

Sharper focus, increased alertness, improved mood, higher pain tolerance, helps burn fat, and will literally make you work harder for longer! Caffeine is the king of stimulants! But what about the Crash? Well for the past three years we have coupled Caffeine with AMPIBerry®, a trademarked extract of Juniperus communis berries, it smooths out the active curve of Caffeine. Basically, eliminates the crash of high caffeine doses, so you come down easy.

Up-regulation of neuro-transmitters, increases dopamine, lifts your mood, helps you cope with stressful situations (that crazy heavy set) & replenishes some key cognitive resources in the brain to help you perform better. Better mood, better cognition, better neuro-firing means a better workout experience & greater muscle gains.

A power noortopic that is synthesized into acetylcholine in the body & increases alertness, cognitive function & muscle function. Stimulants can interfere with the natural production of acetylcholine so supplementing DL-Choline Bitartrate is a no brainer.

Increases cognitive function, mental sharpness, helps increase air flow into the lungs meaning more oxygen to the brain & working muscles, dilates blood vessels & can help improve the pump & get extra fresh blood flowing to the muscles & brains.

Closely related to Norepinephrine, octopamine has a potent effect on ergogenic performance, so much so its banned for use in competition by WADA. Not out of competition though, so its safe for use then.


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