Estrogen Dominance in Men and Low Sex Drive

What is estrogen?

Your body’s hormones are like a seesaw. When they’re perfectly balanced, your body works as it should. But when they’re unbalanced, you may begin experiencing problems.

Estrogen is known as the “female” hormone. Testosterone is known as the “male” hormone. Although each hormone is identified with a specific sex, both are found in women and men. On average, women have higher levels of estrogen and men have more testosterone.

In men, estrogen also plays an important role in sexual function.

What is low libido?

Low libido describes a decreased interest in sexual activity.

It’s common to lose interest in sex from time to time, and libido levels vary through life. It’s also normal for your interest not to match your partner’s at times.

However, low libido for a long period of time may cause concern for some people. It can sometimes be an indicator of an underlying health condition.


Symptoms of high estrogen in men

Although it’s called the female hormone, a man’s body also makes estrogen. A healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone is important for sexual growth and development. When these hormones become imbalanced, your sexual development and function may be affected.

Symptoms of high estrogen in men include:

  • Infertility. Estrogen is partly responsible for creating healthy sperm. When estrogen levels are high, sperm levels may fall and lead to fertility issues.
  • Gynecomastia. Estrogen may stimulate breast tissue growth. Men with too much estrogen may develop gynecomastia, a condition which leads to larger breasts.
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED). Men with high levels of estrogen may have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.
  • Constant Fatigue.
  • Loss of Muscle Tone.

Normal estrogen levels in men

According to Mayo Medical Laboratories, the following estrone and estradiol levels are considered normal for men:

Normal estrogen levels in men


How I-Procreate PCT Test Booster can help

I-Procreate PCT - Testosterone Booster, Sleep Aid & Muscle RecoveryI-Procreate PCT - Testosterone Booster, Sleep Aid & Muscle Recovery

The XCD Clinical Series is the highly potent premium formulated line of supplements.

So, what makes this product so damn powerful?

The building blocks of anabolic hormones such as testosterone, DHEA (technically a pro-hormone) is naturally produced in the body to synthesis into a host of different compounds. 
The claimed benefits of DHEA are very broad but the main benefit of it in Procreate is it's testosterone boosting properties. 
Higher testosterone can help with mood, strength, muscle gain, sex drive, metabolism, cognitive function. 
Testosterone is not the evil; poison, regular society would have you believe. It is the essence of the high functioning male. 
7 8 Benzoflavone
Is a synthetic flavone derivative that acts as a powerful aromatase inhibitor. When testosterone levels are high your body goes through a process called aromatization where excess testosterone is converted into estrogen. 
7 8 Benzoflavone is a double edge sword, preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which means more free testosterone along with less total estrogen.
Pregnenolone is a potent Neurosteroid that is naturally produced from cholesterol in the body. Pregnenolone has a positive effect on mood, stress reduction & can also enhance deep sleep thus improving Growth Hormone secretion. 
Pregnenolone is another precursor to many other steroid hormones. 
I-Procreate is essentially a night time formula & what night time formula would be complete without the king of sleep compounds, Zinc, Monomethoinine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate & Pyrioxine HCL
(Vitamin B6). 
ZMA is one of the most researched supplements on the market today & has been shown time & time again to improve REM sleep. 
Good sleep is essential for stable brain function, ideal hormone levels, stress reduction & tissue recovery. 

We put it in the testosterone formula to be kind of like the cherry on top of this potent formula. 

How DIM can help

DIM Hormone Support - Estrogen MetabolitesDIM Hormone Support - Estrogen Metabolites

I repeat this product if for men also......

DIM (Diindolylmethane)

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is the compound in cruciferous vegetable.

DIM restores healthy hormone balance by adjusting the balance of bad estrogens to good estrogens, and it blocks aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen.


BioPerine, is an extract derived from black pepper, Piper Nigrum L, and long pepper, Piper longum L. Piperine is what gives peppers their spicy taste. 

A benefit of BioPerine is enhanced nutrient absorption meaning you’ll be able to absorb a more significant percentage of the nutrients.

Bioperine has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. It directly impacts the levels of cytokines that promote inflammation like IL-1b and PGE2. 

Broccoli 4:1 Extract

Broccoli has an impressive nutritional profile. It is "high in fiber, very high in vitamin C and has potassium, B6 and vitamin A.

Broccoli is a great anti-inflammatory and may slow down the damage to joints.

Broccoli also aids in digestion by helping to keep your stomach lining healthy. The sulforaphane in broccoli helps keep the stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori from becoming overgrown or clinging too strongly to the stomach wall.

Phytocheimcals glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiin and glucobrassicin compose a terrific trio in broccoli. Together, they aid all steps of the body's detoxification process, from activation to neutralization and elimination of contaminants.

Calcium D-Glucarate

Aides in removing excess estrogen - If you body has high levels of beta-glucuronide this increases the number of estrogen receptors. This means estrogen that would have been excreted is now able to bind to more receptors. This can cause increased tissue growth, inability to lose fat, and even man boobs.

In one study, calcium-d-glucarate was able to reduce the number of estrogen receptors by 48 percent.  It’s also been shown to lower serum estrogen levels by 23 percent.

Whether your a man or woman, calcium-d-glucarate will help maintain proper hormone balance.

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