How to gain Muscle Fast(est)

XCD Nutrition gain muscle fast

How to gain Muscle Fast(est)

You are asking a really open ended question, because technically you can gain muscle right after you recover from a workout. Now if you’re asking how to gain a noticeable amount of muscle fast then the following is the guide for you.

How muscle grows.

Muscle is made up of lots of bundles of fibres, which contain bundles of myofibrils, which have myofilaments which are the things than make muscles move. They are also known as muscle cells.

There are two cellular pathways that have been proven in muscle growth. Hypertrophy (muscle cell expansion) & Hypertrophy (muscle cell multiplication). They both occur and there is no solid research to indicate that a particular style of training influences either.


You lift a heavy weight not once, not twice…not thrice but 6-12 times. Your body needs to switch on all the bundles of fibres, all the bundles of myofibrils & myofilaments to lift this heavy weight. You expend all of your stored energy (ATP) & do a little damage.

You do another set & damage it some more, then you do a little cheeky flex in the mirror, move onto the next exercise & repeat again.

At the end of the workout your muscle is taxed, you’re sweaty from all the heat generated & you’re hungry.


You hear it all the time. Protein this and Protein that, every one tells you that you need to have protein. They’re right you do.

You are made of protein. The most important part of you that is made of protein is your skeletal muscles (because you can’t flex the other stuff).

Your muscles really didn’t like that torture you put them through, in fact they hated it.


They are going to adapt to what you put them through. They are going to beef themselves up so that they wont get hurt like that again.

There is two important things to remember here. It needs to “heal” the damage caused during the workout first. If there is not sufficient extra protein available, your body will just break down other muscle cells to provide the protein to repair. It will not be able to build more cells because it does not have the resources.

But if you slam a 1-Whey down, you have all the protein it needs to repair the damaged cells & build some extra beef for the next workout.


Lift heavy thing, eat protein = muscle.

Simple but how to apply it effectively?



Train 1 muscle group per day, 5 days a week.

  1. Chest (Monday it’s the law)
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders
  4. Off
  5. Legs
  6. Arms
  7. Off

Stick to free weight exercises as they recruit the most bundles of fibres, which means more growth.

There are so many youtube videos out there I strongly recommend watching a top level IFBB Pro Bodybuilder train.

Push yourself hard, don’t puss out. You are trying to force evolution here & adaptation is aggressive and brutal. Just think of a caveman chasing a woolly mammoth down with club while beating a Saber tooth tiger off.


1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is the golden rule. If you are a 150lb guy then that’s 150grams of protein per day MINUMUM.

Stick with the basics, you don’t need to get all fancy. Chicken breast has approximately 25grams of protein per 100grams of weight.

So if you’re 150lb aiming to get in 150g of protein you need to eat about 600grams of chicken breast a day….thats a lot so split it up.

Meal 1: 6 egg whites (40g protein)

Meal 2: 1 scoop 1-Whey (26g protein)

Meal 3: 150 grams Breast (40g protein)

Meal 4: 1 Scoop 1-Whey (26g protein)

Meal 5: 150 grams Breast (40g protein)

Days total= 172grams protein = you’re on the way to gain!

Add 2 grams of carbs per gram of protein & you have the energy to workout hard.

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This structure is the foundation for gaining muscle, you have to follow a rigid training, diet & supplement regime. What about steroids? They don’t work unless you work, so if you can’t even follow a meal plan then forget sticking needles in your butt.

So the take home message every little bit counts & every little bit ads up over time.

If your goal is to be 250lb of muscle & you weight 100lb now, you will need to be at some point, 101lbs, 102lbs,103lbs,104lbs ect ect ect.

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