Increasing Performance and Losing Weight

Most women are struggling to find the correct formula to lose weight, without in an effective manner without affecting their health. Many women consult with experts, doctors, fitness trainers to look for the right process sometimes without any successful result.  However, many girls are experiencing amazing results with the nutritionist and fitness trainer Johanna Morgan.  We went to her house to ask her about her effective steps:

Pre-workout supplements are ideal for increasing performance and losing weight since often it is not enough to have a good diet and adequate training. It is recommended to take one scoop of protein powder 30 minutes before training and combined with other foods to achieve optimal result in your exercise routines without running out of momentum by the end of your workout.   Morgan reveals to us the one she uses for her clients, she said a typical pre-workout meal for me is 1 scoop of protein (XCD Nutrition’s Plant Based Protein – Synthapro, light on the stomach before a workout) banana and a handful of almonds.

Another tip she said is that after exercise, many people make the mistake of taking their protein shake to make the recovery of the muscles faster and stronger and also consume healthy fat such as almonds, it is recommended to consume healthy fats before your workout in order to gain the benefits of burning fat for fuel, it’s imperative to add the healthy fats to your diet prior to your workout rather than after. Fats have been shown to slow down digestion and therefore will slow down the absorption of your post-workout meal and be counteractive.

Morgan said that losing weight entails commitment, determination, and patience, this also must be combined with an effective diet, and sometimes even after all this work, we experience a stall in weight loss.

For this, you may need to introduce stimulants, consuming caffeine, so your body can be energized and will reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Morgan personally recommends using a pre-workout supplement, my go to supplement XCD Nutrition’s V.I.Pre Trinity-containing 300mg of caffeine per serve and will give you steady energy and no crash.

These are the tips that are giving successful results to many girls.