Keeping on track

Do you want to actually improve physical performance?

If you’re like us, training is more than just exercise, than just moving your body.

We want to push our limits and see what we’re really capable of. We want heavier lifts, more reps, and better times, and we want a pre-workout supplement that’s actually going to help move the volume.

That’s exactly what you get with V.I.Pre Trinity

While everyone claims to have the best pre-workout supplement on the market, we can actually back it up with real science and real numbers.

First, V.I.Pre Trinity doesn’t contain a concoction of cheap and potentially dangerous stimulants that shock your nervous system and turn your stomach.

In fact, the most important stimulant is a dose of caffeine, which is combined with an equal  dose of AMPIBerry to smooth out the energy curve and enhance mood and cognition.

The real “benefit” of V.I.Pre Trinity, though, is in its unique combination of natural substances scientifically proven to increase strength, endurance, focus, and mood.

These key ingredients are backed up by research demonstrating clear benefits.

Furthermore, we’ve included each ingredient at clinically effective levels, which means we’ve used the same doses found in the supporting scientific research.

Let’s take a look at the formulation.

Focus Profile 


Sharper focus, increased alertness, improved mood, higher pain tolerance, increased metabolism are some of the benefits of Caffeine. Paired with AMPIBerry®, the 300mg of Caffeine in TRINITY has a much smoother & longer degree of action when compared to just caffeine alone. So with TRINITY crashing is a thing of the past!


L-Tyrosine is a potent nootropic & is building block for neurotransmitters epinephrine, norepinephrine & dopamine. During periods of high stress, such as a hard heavy workout, neurotransmitters can become depleted, resulting in a suppressed nervous system & subsequent mental fatigue. L-Tyrosine supports the production & up-regulation of neuro-transmitters, lifting your mood & replenishing key cognitive resources in the brain to help you perform better. Better mood, better cognition, better neuro-firing means a better workout experience & greater muscle gains.


Another powerful nootropic, DL-Choline Bitartrate is synthesized into acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine is the Neurotransmitter motor neurons release to make muscle contract. DL-Choline Bitartrate can increase alertness, improve cognitive function but its best effect is better muscle contraction. Stimulants can interfere with the natural production of acetylcholine so that’s why we have included this potent ingredient in TRINTY.


Theobromine is a mild stimulant, similar to caffeine but with a more subtle effect. Found naturally in cacao theobromine has relaxes smooth muscle, promoting blood vessel dilation & has a mild aphrodisiac effect. Beneficial on its own however it becomes highly potent when stacked with caffeine & other nootropics.


Closely related to Norepinephrine, octopamine has a potent effect on ergogenic performance ,so much so its banned for use in competition by WADA. Octopamine increases alertness, up regulates neurotransmitter activity & has been show to promote fat loss as well.  


Power Profile


Creatine is the king of kings in the supplement world & for good reason, it works. It has been in use in bodybuilding & sports for almost 30 years now & not a whole lot has changed. Creatines method of action is quite straight forward. Creatine binds with a phosphate molecule & is stored in your muscles as phosphocreatine, ready to replenish ATP (Adenosine tri-phosphate) during bouts of intense exercise. During such forms of intense exercise such as trying to bench press double your body weight for 15 reps, the ATP in your body drops a phosphate & becomes ADP (Adenosine Di-phosphate) which is totally useless until it receives a new phosphate.

For Example:

Without Creatine: You get to 12 reps, most of your ATP has converted to ADP, there is no spare phosphocreatine to fill in for the missing Phosphate molecule & you fail miserably half way through your 13th rep. Now you need to rest while your body replenishes its ATP via glycolysis from your stored carbohydrates & from the breakdown of carbs/fats with the assistance of mitochondria & oxygen. Basically sit there & catch your breath.

With Creatine: You get to 12 reps, much of your ATP is being converted to ADP, but the excess phosphocreatine has been replenishing ADP with the phosphocreatine it needs to convert back to ATP, you power through to 15 reps. Your rest period requires less aerobic intervention as there is an abundance of stored phosphocreatine ready to be utilized & you can probably smash another set for the same amount of reps again!


This is the one that causes the "bites" all over, unpleasant for some but for those in the know, Beta Alanine is essential for buffering fatigue & increasing your repetitive power output over the course of the workout. It’s been proven to inhibit the onset of lactic acid, so pushing beyond that burn is a massive plus in the pursuit of muscle gain. Beta Alanine causes that awesome tingling feeling you get after slamming a V.I.Pre TRINITY. Beta Alanine has a whole host of benefits raised in numerous studies over the years, but the primary action of Beta Alanine we are interested in is its ability to raise muscle carnosine levels & its fatigue buffering properties. Beta Alanine synthesises with Histidine to form Carnosine. Carnosine then reduces the amount of Hydrogen Molecules accumulating in the muscle from anerobic energy expenditure (ATP-ADP), therefor slowing down the rate to which acid is formed. Less acid means less burn, which means more reps, which means more gains!


PUMP Profile


The combination of these two is quite potent. Citrulline Malate being a pre-cursor to L-Arginine & Agmatine Sulfate being a metabolite of L-Arginine via decarboxylation. Both drive up nitric oxide levels over different timing periods, signalling receptors in the lining of blood vessels to dilate, allowing greater blood flow to working muscles. There is also evidence of Agmatine having a pain reducing effect aswell, but we don’t really care about that, all we want is a wicked pump, even if it hurts. 


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