The importance of a good breakfast

In the morning time, the rush to be ready to go to work or get the children ready to go to school, we eat something fast and easy or skip breakfast and continue with our daily activities, without thinking that this is the most important meal of the day.

Because after resting between 8 to 10 hours while we slept, we are without any type of food for that reason sugar levels in our body is low, that is why we must provide our body with the energy and nutrients that it needs to carry out all the activities that we have scheduled in the day.

These first meal of the day helps to raise levels of glucose that are necessary for brain function, that means with a balanced breakfast we will have greater concentration in our daily pursuits. The glucose also feeds the muscles so we will have more energy in the day; the key point is that the breakfast is important and ensure you are ready to tackle the day ahead,  for that reason it is recommended  you consume a healthy balanced breakfast of fruits, cereal, grains, food that provides nutrients and not foods with refined sugar that only provide us with fat and calories.

Skipping breakfast will cause your energy levels to be low throughout the day you may not realize this but by making this small change to ensure you have breakfast can change your life. If we do not eat breakfast the body will compulsorily use the reserves that it has, which is not good for the health, because at some point to recover those reserves, the body will require food rich in sugar to increase the glucose levels and that results in snacking of the unhealthy kind and will lead to unhappiness and being overweight.

A nourishing breakfast will provide between 20-25% of the energy we need throughout the day, and must be composed of foods such as protein, grains, fruit, oil, and fats. People who eat breakfast on a regular basis tend to have a healthier lifestyle and lower-fat diet, so they have higher levels of energy during the day.