The Importance of the Pump

Feel like you can’t live without lifting? Feel like a piece of garbage if you skip a day of training at the gym? Then you may be suffering from the glorious disease of weightlifting addiction, namely “the pump.”

The pump is the ultimate indication that you’ve reached your muscle growth goal for a given training session. The blood pumped into the muscles, drawn from the blood flow throughout the rest of the body, offers that intense sensation of bulging tightness within the muscle itself. It’s a euphoric kind of feeling, like nothing in the world can phase you, like you’re invincible. Essentially the pump becomes a drug, one that lifters can’t do without. So the big question:

What Is A Pump, & Why Is It Needed?

To achieve maximum muscular growth a pump (scientific name, hyperemia) is essential, and the only way this can be achieved is to train correctly with the right energy intake, to allow sufficient blood flow to the working muscles. Working muscles need blood to supply them with oxygen and nutrients, and remove waste products (namely, lactic acid and carbon dioxide).

When a muscle is trained, blood flow is diverted from many other bodily processes, to supply this muscle with what it needs to perform maximally. The blood first needs to become oxygenated (which is done through gaseous exchange in the alveoli of the lungs) before it is pumped to the working muscles, where it is pooled, thus resulting in the tight feeling we call the pump.

It is thought that during training, a muscle can receive up to four times the amount of blood it would ordinarily get. Why exactly do the muscles need all this blood? As mentioned, the muscles require sufficient oxygen and nutrients to continue the sustained contracting that results in a pump.

Our well-formulated pre-workout V.I.Pre TRINITY can increase the effects of that hard work, supplying you with extra high quality Nutritional pump aids to ensure you are maximizing your muscle growth with insane skin splitting pumps, so next time you think a black coffee will suffice as a pre-workout think again.

The benefit of using V.I.Pre TRINITY is the awesome muscle pump after a workout. Who doesn't love the feeling of tight full muscles after you've just dished out an intense biceps and triceps workout? this pump will be more pronounced and will stick around slightly longer.

Since muscle pumps are largely a result of increased blood flow to the muscle tissue, which does come naturally to a degree when exercise is performed, the blood flow to the tissues with V.I.Pre TRINITY it’s particularly more evident.

These muscle pumps may just spark some extra motivation in you to keep up with your workout program, therefore getting you better long-term results!

What are the PUMP ingredients within V.I.Pre TRINITY?

We combined what we believe to be the two best pump inducing ingredients to cover all bases & maximize the debilitating painful pumps you love so much. Pumps don't only look awesome and feel awesome and get you all riled up to lift crazy amounts of iron in the gym. A pump is blood being forced into a working muscle, that blood carries oxygen, nutrients, water, hormones, amino acids, carbs, everything you need to get bigger & stronger.


Citrulline Malate is a pre cursor to Arginine & drives up nitric oxide levels & increases blood flow to the muscles.


Agmatine Sulfate is decarboxylated L-Arginine & leads to increased nitric oxide levels & increases blood flow to the muscles.

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