Weight-loss myths

When we talk about weight loss, there are many myths about what foods we should eat, what exercise routine we should do, and what methods are effective or not, so in this article we are going deep into some of these myths, in order to know which one is false and true!.

How many times have we heard that exercising less than 30 minutes does not work? Well, this myth is false because when the body starts to move and burn calories, the fact of walking or jogging for at least 10 minutes, can be a good option to a start work out and begin burning calories.

When, we begin any sort of diet, some people may advise you, that it is better to avoid all kinds of red meat because that type of food will make us fat and is harmful to your health, this is also false, it is true that meat contains fat and cholesterol but it also has nutrients such as zinc, iron and proteins, which are important in our diet, what we should do is select leaner cuts that remove the greatest amount of saturated fat.

Another myth is related to the fact of eating while watching TV, people say that doing this will make us fat. This myth is true, because if we are waiting to see our favorite program or the news, we are not aware of the amount of food or what kind of food we are consuming and the this can trick the brain into thinking we are still hungry, when eating your focus should be on the food you are consuming, enjoy this experience practice mindfulness during your meal enjoy the texture, flavor and taste enjoying/mindfulness during a meal can be a very humbling experience.

Lemon and hot water or green tea will help us to burn fat, yes this is also is true! These infusions are our allies when we want to lose weight, because they are excellent for burning fat in addition to reducing the accumulation of fluid. It is recommended to consume three cups per day at least.


All natural foods are healthy, this is not entirely true, because currently many vegetables and fruits can be transgenic or can be treated with pesticides that are harmful to our health.

Drinking liquids while eating makes you fat, this myth is true, it is preferable to drink liquids after meals, because that way your stomach will focus on consuming the foods necessary to be satisfied. The water or any other type of liquid will create a sensation of satiety that disappears after 3 minutes, and then you will find yourself looking for more food.