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Premium Quality Guarantee

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XCD Nutrition's Premium Quality Guarantee we promise to provide the best possible sports nutrition experience. Our goal is to set a new benchmark in terms of packaging, product quality and transparency of nutritional content. 



All sports supplements are made from premium grade raw materials.

XCD NUTRITION GMPCAt XCD Nutrition all the sports supplements that we offer are made from premium grade raw materials in a GMPC facility.  All products are designed in unison and will provide simultaneous performance to assist in achieving your health and fitness goals.  




Maximum label transparency on every product

We are involved in every aspect of the formulation and development of every product from sourcing the raw materials, flavoring, label design and product functionality and this is why we are so confident in disclosing as much information as possible regarding nutritional content and certificates of analysis. Ultimately, you as the customer benefit as you know exactly what you are paying for and nutritional content you will receive.


Premium quality freshness

From the moment you crack open a tub of XCD Nutrition's product, you will be impressed by the aroma of your chosen flavor and quality feel of each container. Custom designed to store dry powders, our containers have powder proof dry packs inside meaning your supplements arrive in the same quality that they leave our warehouse and never clumpy or moist.

Premium Service Guarantee

From your first website experience, to the excitement of your supplements arriving on your doorstep, we aim to provide a superior experience. 

Whether you need advice on products, want to give feedback (positive or negative), or have an issue with any XCD Nutrition product, we are here to help resolve any query you have. You will find our customer service team responsive, helpful and highly efficient in ensuring that your experience with XCD Nutrition is a positive one.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

 XCD Nutrition money back

If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied!

That's why we'll happily give you your money back on any supplement purchase from XCD Nutrition.